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I have received an e-mail from Bergnet in Dutch. What does it say?

Have you received an e-mail from Bergnet in the Dutch language? Then we want to inform you about the status of the transportion of your vehicle. Or we need more information from you.

What is the subject of the e-mail message that we have sent to you?

Subject '[car make and model] is gelost op het depot'

The subject of the e-mail translates as 'Your vehicle has been unloaded at the depot'.

It says:

We have taken your [car make and model] with registration number [reg. number] to the depot.
Your vehicle has been unloaded at the depot.

The reason for this:
Delivery address unknown

Transportation to delivery address
We will transport your vehicle to the delivery address known to us. You can see to which address we transport your vehicle. Tap the link 'inzien naar welk adres' that you will find in the e-mail, to see to which address we are transporting your vehicle.

Other reasons

There may be other reasons why we have unloaded your vehicle at the depot. For example, because your vehicle is transported to the delivery address the next day. You can call us to ask why: +31 88-888 11 00 (standard rate).

Subject 'Afleveradres voertuig doorgeven'

Did you receive an e-mail from Bergnet with the subject: 'Afleveradres voertuig doorgeven'?

The e-mail that you have received from us describes what we expect from you with regard to your vehicle. The subject of the e-mail translates as 'Provide the delivery address'.

Provide us with the delivery address

The delivery address is not yet known to us. Tell us to which address we can transport your car. Tap the button 'Afleveradres doorgeven' in the e-mail and enter the delivery address.

Is it a lease car? First contact the leasing company and ask where they want the car repaired.

Is your vehicle damaged? Do not have your vehicle transported to your dealer or garage without consultation. Your dealer or garage may not be able to repair the damage.

Do you want to have the vehicle transported to your home address? Signing must be made for receipt, so you must be present at the home address upon delivery. Unfortunately it is not possible to make an appointment for a time of delivery.

Please note: your insurance company only reimburses one transport as standard. Transport to your home address is considered as 1 transport. If you then want to have your vehicle transported to a different address, the costs for that transport may be for your own account. Consult the policy conditions for this.

Do you want to give up your vehicle? Then we need a written confirmation and all parts of the registration certificate. You can visit one of our locations for this. Then we bring the vehicle and the documents to the car demolition company. The scrap yard makes the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability, which we will send to you.

We recommend that you contact the garage or insurance company to ask if they will call you once the vehicle has been delivered.


You will find answers to frequently asked questions on our website. Is the answer to your question not listed? Then you can call us. We are available day and night for personal contact: +31 88-888 11 00 (standard rate).

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