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Your car won't start? Bergnet can help.

Your car does not start? Then you need our jump start car service. Bergnet provides 24/7 Breakdown services in your hometown, at work or on the road. Without subscription. Call Bergnet Breakdown services at +31 88-888 11 00 (press option 1 / standard rate) to get immediate help with car starting problems.

Breakdown assistance without subscription

Bergnet offers Breakdown services without a subscription or membership. We provide help day and night, including on Sundays and public holidays. First we try to start your car with jump leads or a starter booster pack. If we are unable to start your car, we can take your car to the dealer or garage of your choice (within a radius of 25 kilometers).

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Car does not start due to battery problems

Various causes of battery problems are possible. Most battery problems are caused by the user (forgot to turn off the lights, door not closed properly). As a result, the battery runs out and there is insufficient capacity available to start the car. Then our jump start car service is needed.

In addition, wear and aging can also be the culprit. The capacity of the battery decreases with age. When the car does not start due to wear or old age, it is time for a new battery.

The battery of your car can also be broken, of course. Or your battery no longer charges because the alternator is defective. In these cases we can bring your car to your dealer / garage. Or you can buy a new battery on site from Bergnet. We mount the new battery immediately and dispose of the old one for you.

How to jump start a car with jumper cables?

Please note: jump start a vehicle with jumper cables involves risks. Especially with the newer cars, starting assistance can cause damage to the electronics. If you have any doubts, please call Bergnet immediately. If you do it yourself, consult the owners manual and this step-by-step plan.

  1. Make sure you use jump leads with a sufficiently thick copper core, especially with diesel engines. Jumping cables that are too thin can overheat.
  2. Take the red cable. Always begin with the positive terminal on the good battery of the car providing assistance, then the positive terminal on the flat battery of the casualty vehicle.
  3. Then follow the same sequence with the black cable. Connect the black cable to the engine block of the casualty vehicle to create ground.
  4. After this, start the engine of the second car and let it run for five minutes.
  5. Now start the vehicle with the empty battery. Allow the second vehicle to charge the car with the flat battery for at least five minutes.
  6. You must then turn on the rear window heater and blower on both cars to avoid damage to the electronics while disconnecting the jump leads.
  7. Disconnecting the jumper cables must be removed in reverse order. So, first disconnect the black cable from the second vehicle, then from the casualty vehicle. The same goes for the red cable.
  8. If the casualty vehicle has been started, you must drive it for at least half an hour. This way the alternator can put some charge back into the battery.
  9. Now turn off the rear window heater and blower.
  10. Bergnet wishes you a pleasant and safe journey!

If in doubt, call Bergnet

If you're not confident that you know what you are doing? Seek professional help and call Bergnet on +31 88-888 11 00 (press option 1 / standard rate). You can call us day and night for personal contact. Safety comes first!

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